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USCCA - Scott W. Wagner

I will start off by saying that the 5 Star speedloaders and stands are exquisite in appearance and construction. The operating knobs on the brushed aluminum cylinders immediately set 5 Star loaders apart from any other cylindrical loaders on the market. The silver finish makes them easier to find after being dropped in the grass following a reload. Don’t like shiny brushed aluminum? 5 Star speedloaders can also be custom ordered in 6 different anodized colors to suit individual taste.

But it isn’t just in the looks department where 5 Star speedloaders surpass the plastic cylinder loaders — it is...

GunMann - Josh Lewis

Why it Stands Out to Us

This speedloader is made from high-quality aluminum that can definitely take a beating. But nonetheless, it can do a good job of loading your revolver. If you want a speedloader that is built to last you a long time and won’t be able to wear and tear so easily, this could be the one you’ll probably go with. On top of that, it has the ability to fit nicely with most revolvers.

Who Will Use This Most

This would be perfect for those who want to speedload their concealed carry revolvers. It can work for those who use their revolver for just about any purpose. If loading by hand seems like a waste of time, - Justin

The 5-Star Firearms speedloader is your basic “twistie” loader. Loading the loader involves inverting it and dropping rounds into the holes. Ensuring they are all correctly seated, rotate the knob clockwise to lock them into place. The 5-Star loader has a very positive audible and tactile “click” when the rounds lock into place, and the big ball detent does an excellent job of holding onto the rims. To recharge your cylinder, align the cartridges and twist the knob counter-clockwise.

The loading block is billed as a bedside speedloader holder. Right upfront, I’m not going to use 5-Star speedloaders for my defensive reloads. I will absolutely be using this loading block, though. It holds two speedloaders upright, where they won’t get knocked over and roll around. It is also really handy for... - Andy C.

Five Star Speedloaders are a bit of a middle ground between the Safariland and the HKS. Made from CNC machined aluminum, they use a mechanical release similar to the HKS, requiring a knob to be twisted. They’re also available for a pretty broad range of firearms. In terms of profile and weight, they line up quite well with the HKS for similar firearms.

All considered, if the Five Star Speedloader is available for your firearm, I consider them a direct upgrade from the HKS models. It’s very similar in mechanism and size, but quite a bit more...