About Us

Our Story

Established in 2011 and proudly based in Kenosha, WI, 5 Star Firearms has been at the forefront of redefining quality in ammunition reloading accessories for revolvers. With almost a decade of experience, we understand the true needs of firearm enthusiasts, sports shooters, and professionals alike.

Billet Aluminum Speed Loader

While the market is saturated with plastic counterparts, our flagship product, the billet aluminum speed loader, stands a class apart. We've seen the inconsistencies and shortfalls of plastic construction, and that's why we took a different path. Made with precision and passion, our speed loaders not only promise unparalleled durability but also the consistency that serious shooters value.

Beyond function, our in-house designed and manufactured aluminum speed loaders add an aesthetic touch of class, sophistication, and distinction, proving that performance and looks can go hand in hand.

Why Choose 5 Star Firearms?

  • Durability Above All: Our speed loaders are constructed from billet aluminum, ensuring a long life and consistent performance, time after time.
  • In-house Manufacturing: Every speed loader we sell is meticulously designed and manufactured right here in Kenosha. This guarantees you receive a product that has been crafted with personal care and unmatched expertise.
  • Aesthetically Superior: Because true quality is seen both in performance and appearance. Our aluminum construction ensures your speed loader doesn’t just work efficiently, but also looks impressive.
  • Local Integrity with Global Standards: While we pride ourselves on our Kenosha roots, our products meet and often exceed global standards of excellence.

At 5 Star Firearms, we aren’t just selling a product; we’re offering a promise – of quality, reliability, and class. Join the ranks of discerning shooters who settle for nothing but the best. Welcome to the 5 Star Firearms family.